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This is what quality looks like

Our German Shepherds have generations of proven world class dogs who have left a legacy, and imprinted the breed  - at Von Reich Haus we proudly preserve that legacy. Below is a list of just a few significant dogs found throughout our pedigrees.

Know the Lingo

Its easy for someone to say "we have champion" bloodlines, but what does that really mean? It does NOT ensure you've got a quality pup. We like to educate our buys and the general public. While you read over these big names dogs who have imprinted the breeds history, we'd like to help you get to know the lingo. Below is a link to help you understand what all the title (lettering before or after a name) means.

Our Bloodlines

  • SG Collorado Jarkowski Dwór VA1 LT'19, V27 BSZS'19, Ch.PL Black Hawk Wolf Lake IPO1, kkl1, BH  Kkl 1 

  • VA4 (I), V2 BSZS 2012 Wallaby vom Kapellenberg  SCHH3, IPO3 Kkl 1 

  • Bree der Vorteil BH

  • VA1 Remo vom Fichtenschlag  SCHH3, IPO3  Kkl 1 

  • BREK i.Banacha z Hipolitowa  BH, IPO-1  VA1 PL 2018 Kkl PL Kaja z Lesnego Justynowa  IPO1

  • VA1 Remo vom Fichtenschlag SCHH3, IPO3  Kkl 1 

  • VA1(PL, NL), VA2(PL, CA), V3 BSZS 2016 Grisu vom Frankengold IPO3  Kkl 1 

  • V19 BSZS 2009 Bruno von Vierhundert Hertz SCHH 3 Kkl 1 

  • V, (SG5 BSZS JHKR 2009) Nelson vom Frankengold SCHH3 Kkl 1 

  • V, (SG 2BSZS JHKL LSH 2017) Ian vom kleinen Zauberberg  IPO3  Kkl passed 

  • V17 VA(USA) Ken vom Team Baierblick   IPO3    Kkl 3   

  • 2X VA1 Vegas du Haut Mansard  SCHH3  Kkl 1 

  • V, (SG15 BSZS 2014 JKH) Gipsy vom kleinen Zauberberg  IPO2  SG1 (LGZ) Oxana vom Germannshof  SCHH 1  Kkl 1

  • V3 VA2(USA) Grace vom Frankengold SchH2, IPO3  Kkl 1 

  • V Kansses z Lintichu SVV1 Kkl 1

  • V19 BSZS 2005 Rimini Suentelstein SCHH3  Kkl 1 

  • V Ray vom Fichtenschlag  SCHH3  Kkl 1 

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