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Welcome to the world of Authentic German Shepherds 

Here you'll find resources on an array of topics from health and wellness, to understanding German SV lingo and much more. We invite you to learn, share and come back for updates as we are always updating the site and this is a new and growing section we recently opened up for the public

German titles and ratings:


  • Angekoert Breed Surveyed (recommended for breeding)

  • Koerklasse 1 (Kkl 1) Especially recommended for breeding

  • Koerklasse 2 (Kkl 2) Suitable for breeding. Dog may have a structural or protection work fault which could be compensated for by bloodlines or working qualities. May be resurveyed and reclassified at a later date.

  • (*) This symbol before a dog's name means it has been surveyed and approved for breeding.

  • "a" Dog's hips have been x-rayed and certified acceptable. Required for Breed Survey.

  • LG Landesgruppen (Regional) Show. There are approximately 1500 German Shepherd Dog clubs in Germany and these are under the jurisdiction of the 15 Landesgruppen clubs. The LG Shows are larger than the local shows and the judging and rating requirements are stricter. Landesgruppen Sieger and Siegerin titles are awarded.

  • VA (Vorzüglich Auslese) Excellent Select title that is only awarded at the Annual Sieger Show Select Class.

  • V (Vorzüglich) Excellent

  • SG (Sehr Gut) Very Good

  • G (Gut) Good

  • A (Ausreichend) Sufficient

  • M (Mangelhaft) Faulty

  • O (Zero) Failed

  • U Unsatisfactory

  • CACIB a European International Champion

  • BH (Begleitungshund) Temperament and obedience examination to qualify for Schutzhund titles. This must be completed before competing for SchH1.

  • SchH (Schutzhund) This test combines the disciplines of obedience, protection, and tracking. The titles 1, 2, and 3 denote how advanced the training tests were. Dog must have at least a SchH1 or IPO1 to be Breed Surveyed (Koering or Körung).

  • IPO (International Prüfung) comparable to a Schutzhund degree.

  • AD (Ausdauerpruefung) The dogs passed an endurance test by gaiting approximately six miles per hour for about nine miles with a ten-minute rest halfway, and a simple Obedience Test at the end. The dog is given a simple physical examination after the test. A requirement for the Breed Survey.

  • HGH (Herdengebrauchshund) Herding Dog

  • PH (Polizei Hund) Police Dog

  • FH (Fährten Hund) Tracking Dog

grisu. Aura Sire1.jpg

German Commands

  • Achtung -- Watch

  • Aus---Let Go

  • Bei Fuss---Heel

  • Bleib---Stay

  • Bleib sitzen---Stay sitting

  • Bringen---Fetch

  • Fass---Attack

  • Geh weiter---Go on

  • Gib Laut---Speak

  • Halten---Halt

  • Hopp--- Jump

  • Komm---Come

  • Kriech---Crawl

  • Nein---No

  • Nimm---Take it

  • Pass auf---Watch out

  • Platz---Down

  • Setz---Sit

  • Such---Search

  • Voraus---Go out

  • Zur Spur---Trail

  • Zur Wache---Guard

More topics and resources are coming soon

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