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Resources, education and more

Here you'll find resources on an array of topics from health and wellness, to understanding German SV lingo and much more. We invite you to learn, share and come back for updates as we are always updating the site and this is a new and growing section we recently opened up for the public


Understanding Titles and Lingo

Curious as to what all the letters and details are that follow or lead in a dogs name, such as VA, BH, KKL and so on? Click here to learn!

Poisonous Plants

Know what plants pose a danger to your pet. You'll be surprised! Click here to read

About the Breeds Q+A

For decades we have proudly and diligently preserved our beloved breeds. Click here to learn more about German Shepherds and Tibetans.

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Understanding Hips & Elbows in the breed

The first step is a quality bred pup from a reputable breeder, next is environment, health and handling. Click here to learn more on hips and elbows in your pup

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The ultimate supplement in pet care. At Von Reich Haus we give our pups the right start with NuVet- and throughout all life stages NuVet provides the additional needs kibble does not. Click here to learn more or buy

Recommended Reading

We recommend this article to any new puppy owner, understanding growth + development in regards to hips and elbows is paramount. Click here to read more

Professional Training

Our exclusive trainer offers "breed specific" training. Whether you're wanting family pet training, to show, service, work or competition. We offer start to finish training for the pet and family. Click here to learn more

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New Puppy Contract


First step to your new puppy!


Puppy Purchasing 

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