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We are honored to be one of a handful within the United States who have taken on the vigorous task and responsibility of maintaining this breed and prestigious bloodline

Serious individuals, families, executives and celebrities seeking the ultimate companion guardian are welcome to inquire and apply. 

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About The Breed

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Noble and impressive: a large, but not a giant breed. An athletic and substantial dog, of solemn but kindly appearance. Although having an impressive coat, they acclimate and adjust to just about any environment. The Tibetan Mastiff stands well up on the pasterns, with strong, tight, cat feet, giving an alert appearance. The body is slightly longer than tall. The hallmarks of the breed are the head and the tail. The head is broad and impressive, with substantial back skull, the eyes deep-set and almond shaped, slightly slanted, the muzzle broad and well-padded, giving a square appearance. The typical expression of the breed is one of watchfulness. The tail and britches are well feathered and the tail is carried over the back in a single curl falling over the loin, balancing the head. The coat and heavy mane is thick, with coarse guard hair and a wooly undercoat.

Ten Prized Dogs series, Tibetan Mastiff. Artwork depicting a Tibetan Mastiff from the Qing Dynasty.

The Tibetan Mastiff known as 'Dogs-Khyi (འདོགས་ཁྱི) in Tibetan, reflects its use as a guardian of herds, flocks, tents, villages, monasteries, and palaces, much as the Old English Bandog (also meaning tied dog) was a dog tied outside the home as a guardian. However, in nomad camps and in villages, the 'Dogs-Khyi is traditionally allowed to run loose at night. This dog is known for its loyalty and has been used as a nomad dog for thousands of years.

The guardian type from which the modern Tibetan Mastiff breed has been derived was known across the ancient world by many names. Bhote Kukur in Nepali as bhote means someone from Tibet and kukur means dog. The Chinese name for the breed is 藏獒 (Chinese: Zàng áo; Cantonese: Tzong ngou), meaning "Tibetan Mastiff-dog". In Mongolia, a similar-looking dog is called банхар (bankhar), but this dog is genetically distinct (a different Traditional Native Landrace Breed) and is of a more ancient lineage. 

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Breed Specific Training options available

Inquiring or looking for that perfect puppy? Here is where to start and how to get in touch.

Purchasing Information and Options 

  • Deposit for German Shepherds is $500

  • Deposit for Tibetan Mastiffs is $1,000

  • We accept  the following payment methods

    • All major credit/debit cards, CashApp, Zelle, Venmo, PayPal, Check/Money Order Or Cashiers Check, Cash. 

  • 100% Financing available 

Pay Option Details

  • Zelle & Apple Pay  (720) 800-6581

  • Cash App: $vonreichhaus1

  • Venmo  @Vonreichhausmerch

Financing Options
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Ask about optional training for your puppy!

  • Complete training for puppy and owner(s)

  • Puppy star - socialization, leash, potty training and more

  • Canine Good Citizenship  - full obedience training

  • Environmental, cognitive and social training

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